On ticket create event is hitting within fraction of seconds time gap for parent and child service requests

Hi Floks,

I am having a requirement of creating a service request along with children. In that scenario On ticket create event is hitting for individual service request within fraction of seconds. In this case with out excecution of code for parent service request,childs on ticket create event is hitting and resulting wrong output in app.
Can anyone help me to overcome this problem.


Hi @Tipuranjali,

Could you share the relevant code snippet to understand the code flow? This will help understand how is the order of execution is maintained to help appropriately.

Please hide any sensitive information.


Hi @Raviraj,

I want to follow up on the status of this topic


Hi Folks,

Anyone can tell the status of this issue, need to answer to client

Tejasri Kalluri

@Tejasri_Kalluri @Tipuranjali
This use-case has an issue that child tickets are not mapped yet when the product event for ticket creation executed. It is being looked at by the respective product team.

Meanwhile, there’s a workaround. The scheduled events can be used to execute your logic after 5 minutes. By then, the child tickets will be mapped and available for the parent ticket.


Thank you for workaround @Raviraj