Passing custom message to validate function (custom installation page)

Hi Team,

I am developing a marketplace application for freshsales suite and have a custom installation page when the user doesn’t enter their domain name or API key the values are validated.
How do I replace the validation failed message with my own custom mess


Thanks in advance for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @mohammed

If you are using the custom installation page (iparams.html) you can probably use the postConfigs and validate methods

You can achieve the same even with iparams.json + iprams.js as well, without the need to write custom installation page. :link: Reference

Let me know if this helps. Thanks


Hi @shravan.balasubraman

Thanks for your reply.
Since I have custom inputs to get from the user. I am going with a custom installation page.
Checked both postConfigs and validate functions but didn’t find any examples of sending a custom message on install button click.

In case you have some sample code for this please do share.

Hello @mohammed

I am afraid the validation failed message is generic and cannot be modified. You can however use custom HTML to show your validation message in addition to it.

Hope that helps


Got it thanks for your help @shravan.balasubraman

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