Passing values to external program


I have a program that takes 2 parameters {ticketid, created_by} from Freshdesk.
The program then takes this information and then traverses through directories on another server to find a specific file.

However. (Im very new to everything regarding API)
Currently i run this program manually by inserting these values whenever i see a ticket with this specific subject.

I’ve been reading the forums, API documentation etc and i dont really think i have found the answer yet.

What’s the best way to pass values from the api as parameters to external software?
What’s the easiest way?

Im open for really any suggestions here.

I’ve been going round in circles for a couple of hours and though it would be a good idea to hear your opinions!


Hi @aschannes,
Welcome to the developer community :tada:

Does this program or server behind any publicly accessible API. If so, can you have a look at External Events and marketplace-sample-apps/Freshworks-Samples/App-Development-Features/crayons/Github_Issue_Creator at master · freshworks/marketplace-sample-apps · GitHub ( This sample app creates a GitHub issue whenever a new ticket is created and vice-versa ).