Print a information in tickets details

Hi everyone.

Hope you are doing well. Right now im bulding and end user app and I would like to know if its possible to hide this fields in new submit ticket in user portal:

and show that fields in the user portal ticket:

Is that possible?

I would like to know too if its possible to print information in those field that are only visible in ticket details:

Thank you so much for your help


@tejakummarikuntla / @kaustavdm

We can add these into feature request for portal apps use cases to bring in new platform APIs

@Andrea_Lopez_Vargas Thanks for starting a discussion around this, Andrea. I suppose apps on portal is in beta, this can be treated as high quality feedback for the Engineering team. But as far as I’m aware this is not possible today

@tejakummarikuntla wasn’t it possible to hide fields from an end-user app? I remember the only requirement was that the app needed activation. Can you detail it here? If it is not possible, please add this request to the Advocacy board as a feedback item.

Yes, @Andrea_Lopez_Vargas you should be able to hide the required fields.
Please explore this sample app which exactly demonstrates how an end-user app can hide specific fields in the portal_tickets_new_sidebar placeholder,

Could you please elaborate more on other ask including the print information in ticket details please?

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