Received improper data from Freshservice API

We have tried to access ticket fields by using the Freshservice API endpoint - GET /api/v2/ticket_fields. But response data is not of the expected format. In the response, for the field - Status, the name should be status. Right? But, we received s in the name property.

I have attached the request and the response below.




“id”: 57261,
"name": “s”,
"label": “Status”,
“description”: “Ticket status”,
“position”: 13,
“required_for_closure”: false,
“required_for_agents”: true,
“type”: “default_status”,
“default”: false,
“customers_can_edit”: false,
“label_for_customers”: “Status”,
“required_for_customers”: false,
“displayed_to_customers”: true,
“created_at”: “2014-07-24T18:39:31Z”,
“updated_at”: “2017-11-27T20:22:44Z”,
“choices”: {… }

Could you please check this?

Kindly let me know if any further details are needed.

Thank you!

Hi @rajezz,
I just checked in one of my test accounts and I am able to get it as status in the name key,
let me check with the product team and get back to you


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The issue is on the product side, upon the request they fixed the issue,
I request you to recheck the data from the API


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