Request for onTaskCreate and onTaskUpdate events in freshservice

Hi community.

We are facing an issue using WFA’s in freshservice, not being able to get parent Identity id from a task create or update event.

If you create a task in a problem and you have a WFA that triggers, you can’t get the problem ID.

Therefore we wanted to fix this flow using a custom app, but it seems to miss to functionality to trigger on a “onTaskCreate” event.

I can see freshsales serverless apps has this functionality. But why not freshservice?
Am i missing something?

Hi Jonathan,

Product Events for Serverless apps are provided by individual products. So, Freshsales provides an event for task creation event. Freshservice product doesn’t provide an event to the platform for the apps to avail it.

We can get it as a feature request and pass it to the product team.

About Workflow Automator in Freshservice, which event is listened for task creation in the problem? Can you show the event and its configuration? Also, what are other details of the events do you get from the event in it?

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Yes, please set it as a feature request.
In my opinion, a custom app should have access to all events possible in the system.

We haven’t created a wfa for it, it’s just what we can see by looking at it.
But since a task event doesn’t have a web request node with the possibility to see the result, it can’t be used in this case.


In this case we can’t use the webhook since the creation process of the suppliers ticket needs several web requests with taking in the value of the first response and input it in the next call. The web request node and JSON parser solved this but as Jonathan mentioned is not available for the task module.

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