Request method rate limits

Hi, looking to build an app which calls out to an external service. But reading the docs for the Request method, it looks like there’s a limit of 50 outbound requests per minute across the whole app (per account it’s installed in).
Is this a correct interpretation? E.g. if there were 50 users, they could only retrieve data in the app once per minute?

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Hello James, Welcome to forum.!
Yes you are correct. The rate limit is applied to the particular account across all agents.


Thanks for the fast reply @Chandiramouli_Ramach !

It seems too restrictive to me, as once you have more than a handful of users it means they can’t actively use an interactive app that relies on external API calls.

By comparison (and they are remarkably similar), the equivalent Zendesk operation has a rate limit of 100 requests / minute / app user. So you only need to consider the usage pattern of a single user.

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Hi James,

I believe its not just for calls to an external API but also to the Freshdesk API as well. What is unclear is that the documentation says MAXIMUM RATE LIMIT/MINUTE PER ENDPOINT but it doesn’t explain what it means by per endpoint ie. is it 50 calls per minute to the freshdesk ticket endpoint and 50 calls per minute to an external enpoint or an aggregate of 50 calls per minute to both. @Chandiramouli_Ramach ?

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The endpoint here refers to any URL being requested for. We apply the rate-limit irrespective of our product endpoint (i.e) all the urls are rate-limited

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We understand that it will be scalable for more active users. Right now, the account admins or app developers can raise a request for higher limits for Request methods. The requirement will be validated and corresponding actions will be taken James…!


understood. Thanks @Chandiramouli_Ramach

Thanks @Chandiramouli_Ramach. Understood. That means calls to two different endpoints would allow an aggregate of 100 calls per minute.

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I just wanted to add one more point:

If you believe your use case is a valid use case, yet find Request Method restrictive, you are welcome to raise a request using this service item - (You may need to sign up first) It will allow us to increase the rate-limits for you.



Just in case, If you wonder what’s being asked at:
give a look at the Wiki article on “Getting assistance in extending platform API Rate limits


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