Request returning incomplete response

Hi everyone,

I am currenlty working on a plugin for Freshdesk. I have configured requests as required in requests.json. See this request

    "searchContact": {
        "schema": {
          "method": "GET",
          "protocol": "https",
          "host": "<%= iparam.domainName %>",
          "path": "/api/v2/contacts?<%= %>",
          "headers": {
            "Authorization": "Basic <%= encode(iparam.MyApiKey) %>",
            "Content-Type": "application/json"
        "options": {}

When I am testing my plugin using

fdk run

I get the expected result

However when I am packing my plugin and uploading it to test it I get incomplete response with only


Any idea what could be the cause ?

Hey @Camille_Hayot,
Confirming if this is on platform 2.3 and also for searching the contact with phone number, the endpoint path is /api/v2/search/contacts?query=phone:1234567890.

However, this should have resulted in the error. Can you share what’s the HTTP status code 200 or 4xx or 5xx when the app is published?

Hey @zach_jones_noel
thanks for your response.
Yes this is on platform 2.3.
HTTP status code when publishing app is 200

Strange running the same request on local works. Anyway I get the same response for all requests it returns 200 HTTP status

Let me know if you need any additional data

Tried to create another freshdesk portal to test and requests are working as expected… Maybe I had some issue with the old one

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