Search does not return articles if you put words not in the article

This is not a coding question. This is post is for FW Dev Forums feedback.

If I search for “modal” I get 44 articles
If I search for “modal receive” I get 4 articles
If I search for “Modal receive unrelated” I get 0 articles

Default sort is relevance

Shouldn’t search return articles matching all words but sort by the most relevant (where I guess relevance is determined by count of matching words or maybe a more intelligent algorithm)?

Its not uncommon to come up with no matches because one of the words I am thinking might be present is not.

Here is a good real world example I just found.

I asked this: Return value from serverless app webhook?

I did search before hand but must have included one term too many. For example:

But fortunately someone was able to refer me to this article which answers the question:
How to return the response from $ back to the caller in onExternalEventHandler

If you notice, just including the word “value” in the search caused the result not to be shown even though two words matched perfectly.