Sheduler behaviour

Hi @channel,

Just to know the actual behavior of the one-time scheduler.

Can anyone help me to know how many one-time schedulers can be run concurrently?


Hi @zach_jones_noel ,

To say in brief once a scheduler is created it will get scheduled after 5 mins so here can we create multiple one-time schedules at the same time?

If possible can you please come up with the count that how many schedules would be created?

Can you help me out with this query?


Hi @Anish,

As our documentations mention, the max number of one-time schedulers is 1000, and only 1 recurring schedule.

Can you tell me in detail what’s the use-case and I could help you address it?

Hi @zach_jones_noel ,

We understood the limitations mentioned n the document even though is it possible to run one-time schedulers at the same time
for eg: If a 10 one-time scheduler is scheduled at 01:00 am it will execute after 5 mins i.e 01:05 am will all the 10 schedulers execute at the same time?