SOLVED: How do I update folder visibilty type for Requester Group using API (v1)?

One of our customers requires many solution categories and folders. I am investigating how to set this up and would like to use the API.

As it turns out their environment still uses api v1. When running a v2 query I get a 404 not found.

Two questions:

  1. How can we create a folder using a requester group visibility? API v1 only documents up to Departments (4) and Requester Group is ID 6: Service Desk API for Developers | Freshservice

But when querying a folder with a requester group configured, I do not see how to pass the requester group to the API…

  1. If this is not possible, how can we use API v2? Currently I am getting a 404 Not Found…



Well… turns out this was caused by a faulty copy/paste, it had invalid characters which were only visible after looking at them with a HEX-editor:

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