State management Problem while using Custom APP

Hi Folks,

Nikhil here, There is One problem I am facing related to State management in Freshdesk.

Scenario : I Build Custom app, It will trigger when someone closes the ticket the trigger if the Ticket field “type” is “ABC” than show pop up and ask for Yes or No. When he clicks on “Yes” than create new Ticket with same ticket field parameter of current closing ticket. Currently it is working fine.

It works fine when we are coming form other page to Ticket Details page. But when we are on Same page (i.e. Ticket Details page ) and use search input to search some ticket id and clicks on a result. than too we are on Ticket details page again. Ticket Details page state is not changed. Now This when I update status to close and since Type is “ABC”, pop up comes to ask for Yes or No .

Now This time when I click on Yes It should generate ticket with current closing ticket but instead it taking earlier Ticket Fields parameter and raising ticket. this is the problem Please help us to solve this Problem.

Nikhil Maurya

Hi @Nikhil,

If the ticket property check and pop-up logic reside in the relevant app-lifecycle event, it could be avoided.
Could you check the solution on this post?

Let us know if that works.


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