TypeError being generated by Crayons code

I suddenly started getting the following error in the console. Can you load Crayons from the CDN with map files so I can see where the issue is and what in my code might be causing it?

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘replace’)
at m.setSVGState (p-evq6zlzw.entry.js:1:460917)
at m.componentWillLoad (p-evq6zlzw.entry.js:1:460979)
at Y (p-7a09e628.js:1:7858)
at I (p-7a09e628.js:1:6041)
at r (p-7a09e628.js:1:10373)
at p-7a09e628.js:1:7462
at Array.map ()
at J (p-7a09e628.js:1:7455)
at Array.l (p-7a09e628.js:1:5952)
at ve (p-7a09e628.js:1:11825)


Would you please try replacing the existing scripts with the following?

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