Unable to set a parent for service request

I followed the post how to create service request: Unable to create service request by API

It worked great, thanks.

But now i would need to set this new service request to be a child of existing request, and I didn’t manage to find API for that.
In our scenario we get a service request to create new environment which can consist of 2-10+ new servers. Now I can successfully create those new server requests using API but I would like to assign them as children of original request. Is that possible with API or APIv2 and can someone provide details please?


Welcome to the community, @chris! :partying_face:

It is not possible to associate a new ticket as a child of existing requests through API. However, it is possible for Incidents.

If you can make use of Incidents for your use-case, this API [1] would help to create child ticket.

[1] https://api.freshservice.com/v2/#create_child_ticket

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what about associations? Through the FS UI it is possible to create associations between service requests - is there an API to do this?

Hi @Justin_Marshall_dsg,

It is not possible to create associations between service requests through API. It is possible for all other ITIL modules.

Is there a plan to enhance it? This would be very useful for chaining together complicated tasks.

For example we have a service request to build a new “Site” for one of our products. This will require numerous other service requests.

  1. X production servers, Y preproduction servers, Z D/R servers, each server has its own SR
  2. add external DNS
  3. add internal DNS
  4. add load balancer configuration
  5. service account creation
  6. etc

so as you can see the "environment SR request can result in 10’s of “associated” SR requests.

Thank you for your detailed explanation, @Justin_Marshall_dsg.
I will take it as a feature request and communicate with the relevant product team.

I will update here if it’s already in the product roadmap. Please keep an eye on the product announcement and our announcement category for feature releases.

This seems to have been implemented recently about creating tickets with associations. :white_check_mark: