Unable to upload my code on fresh desk it give error "Packing failed due to the following issue(s): [ERROR] Invalid platform version mentioned in manifest.json - 2.2"

Hello Team,

  1. when I was uploading code on staging, it gave me the below error message:

"Sorry! We accept app manifest with platform version 2.2 and above only."

  1. Then I go through the link(Deprecation notice: Support for apps using Platform 2.0 and 2.1 on Node.js 10 will be deprecated on October 15, 2021) it suggest me to about Platform version 2.2 , so as per link we change our manifest file like below :

  1. After manifest file changes and remove event block from server file it give me error :

Please check and suggest if any changes .

Hi @priyanka.chimkar

Could you please check the version of the FDK that you are using? (Run fdk version ). If it’s anything below version 7.0.0, we suggest you move to the latest one to overcome this error.


Thanks you, its working now.


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