Unable to use Entity storage-Custom objects in Freshservice

Hi Team,

I trying to create an app for Freshservice where I am using Entity Storage . I have used them successfully in Freshdesk and I am following the available documentation and have defined them in config/entities.json.

However when I try to perform any CRUD operation on my custom entities, I am getting {message: ‘Route not allowed’, status: 404} error.

TIA for any pointers.

Hey Hello Sachin,
From your error message I suppose you are facing this issue in FDK. So, can you please share the HAR logs of the request being sent from browser. The HAR logs would be useful to identify the issues.

Hi @Chandiramouli_Ramach

Thanks for your response. PFA HAR logs as requested.
sachinkumarsaxena83.freshservice.com.har (123.8 KB)

Hey Sachin,
Can you please check if the app is installed locally? The route works only when the app is installed.



Thanks a lot. It worked after providing values on test installation page.

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