When an App is updated from the marketplace does it wipe all the data stored in the database?

We use the database to store data about previous events. When an update gets installed automatically from the marketplace does it wipe all the data stored in the database?

Do you mean you use the data storage feature? If so, an app update won’t wipe the old data.

Thanks Mani.

We had an App update published yesterday on the market place with a small fix in it. The app was set to auto update and it has worked for most customers but for one the update has broken the app. I haven’t had any diagnostic logs yet but it looks like the issue is either the update has corrupted the data stored or the iParams settings. The app won’t load and nor will the admin page.

Can you please share the screenshot or screen recording of it with har file ( How to generate HAR file to export and analyse network request logs? - Wiki - Freshworks Developer Community )

Hi Mani,

I wasn’t able to get this as it was on a customer instance where I could not get remote access. I was able to recreate it on another site in the full page part of the app but didn’t get a screen shot however I did get an image of the error logged in the console.

I found an post on the community that suggested the error was caused by token data in the browser cache so I cleared the cache and the problem went away.

I have advised the customer whose instance to which could not get access, to do the same however they also reported the serverless part of the app was not working nor the admin page. I am waiting on feedback to see if clearing the cache solves this as well.

Is there any reason why an automatic app update on the market place would cause this?

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An automatic app update shouldn’t cause any issue unless it is not supposed to be auto updated. Can you please share me the app name and the product on which this app is built.

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