Work with "Deep links" from Freshdesk to another application

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I’ve noticed that there are API’s to embed functions from Freshdesk into your own application, either through REST or widget API’s. However, I am looking for an integration the other way around. The use case would be:

  • An employee of the organization (insurance company) has contact with a customer, the employee starts of with Freshdesk application where all the customer information is shown.
  • Then imagine this customer wants to sign another insurance contract, in that case there is another application where the insurance checkout process is located.

Is it possible to add kind of “deep links” from Freshdesk to another application which contain the information of the current customer so it can be used to directly start the checkout process in the insurance application for that particular customer? Is there any documentation about this use case and maybe an example of this kind of integration?

Is there also a Single Sign On possibility to make sure the employee doesn’t have to login again in the insurance application but can seamlessly proceed?

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@Arjuna, Appreciate your sharing a detailed use case. This helps me provide a better answer.

From what you’ve shared, I can understand two important questions

  1. From my Freshworks App running in host product, can my app redirect the user to 3rd party checkout process? Maybe opening up a new tab?
  2. How can my app make it easy to have the user keep loggedin when redirected to 3rd party website?

To answer your question #1, the app can open links in a new tab. Although I’ve seen some apps those open PDF documents or any other links in a new tab. I highly recommend you try the possibility. However, as you have anticipated there no possibility to share the context of a logged-in user to be shared with the Insurance checkout screen since there no current way the app can pass that context to 3rd party checkout screen.

To answer your question #2, the SSO possibility appears to be available at the host Freshworks product level but not for the app to know the same or maintain it to share it with 3rd party to provide smoother UX.

However, I couldn’t think of workarounds at the moment. Hope that helps to some extent. I will try to see if I could get some help from app platform team if any.