Wrong description text in Freshdesk custom App

Hi team,

We have our app known as “MOBtexting for Freshdesk” already available in the App store.

The integration is done for receiving SMS updates with the variable fields like-






While testing the integration, we found that the ticket {description_text} is providing HTML values instead of plain text.

We are using Automations/webhook for sending SMS.

The field {{ticket.description}} is coming as html opposed to text.

for example:

test becomes



Another Sample-

Expected SMS-
Dear Partner, Status of your raised query with ticket ID 109426 is now Closed with
remark by our team as Details of the call: Time: 2021-08-16 10:23:36.853686 00:00 Business Number: 918191929394 Customer: 918305209811 Agent: 919151012242 Not connected Unanswered Call ID: 2de9da70-7ab0-4697-bc2a-a743754913b0



Hi @akash,
Good Day!

you will get description as HTML whereas description_text will give you the plain text
Kindly refer to this doc for more reference

eg response:

  "cc_emails" : ["user@cc.com"],
  "fwd_emails" : [ ],
  "reply_cc_emails" : ["user@cc.com"],
  "email_config_id" : null,
  "fr_escalated" : false,
  "group_id" : null,
  "priority" : 1,
  "requester_id" : 1,
  "responder_id" : null,
  "source" : 2,
  "spam" : false,
  "status" : 2,
  "subject" : "",
  "company_id" : 1,
  "id" : 20,
  "type" : null,
  "to_emails" : null,
  "product_id" : null,
  "created_at" : "2015-08-24T11:56:51Z",
  "updated_at" : "2015-08-24T11:59:05Z",
  "due_by" : "2015-08-27T11:30:00Z",
  "fr_due_by" : "2015-08-25T11:30:00Z",
  "is_escalated" : false,
  "association_type" : null,
  "description_text" : "Not given.",
  "description" : "<div>Not given.</div>",
  "custom_fields" : {
    "category" : "Primary"
  "tags" : [ ],
  "attachments" : [ ]

Note: description is HTML and description_text is Plain text

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


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