Access the SSO access token obtained from the customer authorization server


We are working on the SSO configuration for one of the customer’s Freshdesk instances.

The Customer uses OAuth 2.0 protocol for the authentication. The agent will be redirected to the customer authorization application, and Freshworks will obtain an access token from the customer’s authorization server post successful login.

There are a couple of custom applications, and integration requirements are also for this customer. One of the requirements is to open the customer’s Order management application in an iFrame within the Freshdesk Ticket details page by passing a few parameters.

The customer also expects Freshdesk to pass the access token received from their authorization server while opening their application in an iFrame app within the Ticket details page. So the agent will not requires to log in again to their iFrame application, and that will give a seamless login experience for their agent as well.

Please let me know how to access this access token received from the customer authorization as part of the SSO with the OAuth 2.0 login process.

Hi @sujeshmathew ,

Kindly refer this article.


Thanks for sharing the article @Thakur_Ganeshsingh

I already went through this article. This oAuth approach will only work for the backend based authentication. The Access token will be generated from a service account context, it will not be based on the Agent’s login context.

Here the requirement is different. The agent is already authenticated in the Freshdesk instance by connecting to the customer SSO IDP application in the browser, and our product must have the access token received from the customer’s authorization server. We are looking for a solution to read this access token which was received as part of the Agent SSO login in Freshdesk.

Hi @Thakur_Ganeshsingh

Let me know if there is any mechanism to accomplish this requirement.

Hi @sujeshmathew ,

Apologies for the delayed response as we were preoccupied.
I understand you are trying to validate the access token received by an external IDP in Freshdesk App. Since it is out of my technical purview, I have created a relevant support ticket for your request. The details of the same can be found here.