Add Note - Limit States


is there a way to limit number of state options when adding notes, maybe using CustomApp, if yes, then how ?

Hey Frantisek,
I am pretty sure that I asked FD support team a while ago on that, as we do set some status via automations and agents should just use 3-5 of our over 10 status.

As far as I remember, answer was, that it is not possible and we were told to sort the status in the ticket fields area, so that the ones agents should use are on top.

But maybe this would be worth asking again - Maybe to make a feature request out of it (or make one in the FW community).


Hi Thomas,

Yes, this would work for the agent to hide some fo the values, but this ticket is updated by Collaborator who has even more limited scope of actions.

Ticket may be accessed by user who are invited adn they can add note and last thing we want is for this external user to switch status .


maybe you can make use of the ticket.addNote event.
You cannot intercept it, but maybe you will get to know if the user changed data and change it right back via an app.

Or maybe you could leverage automations to check if the status change was done by a collaborator / external user and set the status right back to where it was.

Just ideas, don’t know if working. And all of them workarounds, so would be good to see this implemented as a feature. Did you have a look if there already is a feature request in the community?