Add tags to highlight your app building stage

What is this article about?

On the current forum, developers like you seek support on varying topics starting from devising App's architecture till App's maintenance. This Wiki Article aims to help understand these buckets with intent to achieve the following goals:

  • To provide you with effective support to save your time by requesting relevant information needed to solve the problem.
  • To identify the gaps to bridge in providing you the relevant resources/tools in terms of sample codes, documentation, enablement content, blogs and developer events

Table explaining broad topic buckets for developers to keep in mind to add relevant tags
Tag name Description Example topics
App Design
  1. You may not know how platform/product may respond in certain situations. Now may need help in making some decisions.
  2. You seeking clarity on certain platform feature and it's limitations to seek better suggestions to understand better solutions available to solve the problem.
Example 1, Example 2
App Development
  1. You made decisions to build an app. But now are stuck due to a error midway.
  2. You may find certian Product REST API or Platform feature is not working the way it is expected to work.
Example 1, Example 2
App Maintenance
  1. Questions related to App Review Process
  2. Questions related to App publishing either as private app or marketplace app.
Example 1, Example 2,Example 3

Once you try to add the relevant tags, contributors would know to seek the right questions to help you as quickly as possible. For example, if your question is tagged to App Maintenance, we will try to understand if our docs can be improved. Or, if your topic is tagged to App development, we will try to add more relevant sample codes in our GitHub repository

How will this help you in current topic?

  • It will help the contributor ask the relavant questions specific to your topic quicker.
  • It will reduce the number of iterations on a thread and saves you time.
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