Allow users to include a screen capture via paste into Service Request description area

Currently there is no way for a user that fills out a service request to include a screen capture of an issue they are having. This is allowed for an incident ticket but not for a service request. Please add this feature so I can use freshservice for allowing users to turn in a bug or just to better document a request they have.

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currently it is not possible right now, mean while I will check with the product team regarding this and get back to you at the earliest, stay tuned :slight_smile:


Good Day,
we are allowing attachments in the service items settings page, you can make use of this to upload the screen capture.

hope it helps :slight_smile:



Hi Steve,

I appreciate creating this topic. But it appears like Freshservice having the ability to allow users to attach a screen capture looks like a feature that :freshservice: the product needs to prioritze. If that guess is correct, I’d encourage you discuss this in the Freshservice User Community - Ask the Freshservice community | Community

Otherwise, if you see I am wrong there, could you maybe elaborate on if you are looking for a way to customize or extending Freshservice using APIs, SDKs or portal customization?

When a user enters an Incident they can paste a copied image from their clipboard. But when we have them fill out a service request they can not paste they can only attach a file. This creates more work for users to have to save the clipboard to a file then add. It would be so much easier to just paste the screen capture to the service request.