Application for smsc integration with freshsales

→ We want to build an application that can send sms (in bulk or through your workflows) using the smpp protocol (smsc integration) because Freshsales can only be integrated with twilio, clicksend and zipwhip and the need is to synchronize with another sms provider.
Do you have any idea how we can proceed?

@Andonirina @Mathieu

Apps on the Freshworks Platform support only HTTPS traffic on standard ports (443). You will not get the level of control over TCP traffic that SMPP needs directly through the apps. Your option is to use (or set up) an external service that acts as a relay between HTTP traffic and SMPP.

If you are building an external application, then you can use either a) a Freshworks app that listens to product events and sends the event payload to your system if you need that solution to be available for any Freshsales account (public app) or b) setup webhooks using Freshsales Workflows to delivery the event payload to your application.

Hope that helps.