Authentication by api for users (contacts) on freshdesk

hello guys, is there any way to use the contact details to log in to another platform?

use case:

We are developing a mobile app for opening tickets!

when the customer portal requires the user to be logged in, i would like to authenticate the user by api!

Hello Marllon,

If I may confirm my understanding of the use-case,

  • You are developing a standalone mobile app that must work with Freshdesk.
  • The app allows users to access the customer portal features as a logged-in user.
  • Your app would like to authenticate these users as Freshdesk contacts so they could access the features through your app.

Please do confirm the above. We will check and find out if this is indeed possible today.

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Yes, that’s right, in Brazil we have some companies that ask for this customization, today we access via api to bring the tickets from this contact, but we are using an alternative method of authentication! We would like to do a more professional authentication!

hello, was any information missing?

Hello @Marllon_Mainardes,

May I know more about what method are you referring to here? Is it using the API Key as part of all the requests app makes to consume the REST APIs?

Please allow me some more time, as I hear back from the product team for some alternatives. Apologies for the delay.

Hello Saif, it is a mobile application for opening tickets, so the customer needs to login to the application to open tickets, I would like to use the freshdesk portal authentication method if possible!

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Hi @Marllon_Mainardes,

Doesn’t the app have its own form of authentication? Once it is authenticated, can the app use API key to consume REST APIs?

I guess you are referring to do better form of authentication rather than the API key way, that I have suggested, Am I correct?

Hi @Marllon_Mainardes,

I just confirmed with the team that we haven’t thought through the of Freshworks being the Auth provided for Mobile app client. So, unfortunately, we don’t have a better solution.

Shall I convert this as a feedback item for out teams to pick up when this could become available?

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thank you Saif, it would be nice if you ever had that!


Hi there, has there been any updates on this, really would like to customize the create ticket flow, but user needs to be authenticated towards freshdesk to validate if this user is allowed to create tickets and to which company the user belongs.