Bootstrap utlilization in custom plugin

I’m currently using Bootstrap latest version in my custom plugin. But it does not 100% match with the fresh service theme.(e.g. buttons). But I prefer if I can add UI elements with similar styles.

Pls let me know is there any way that can do that.

@Nayana_Priyankara Please wait for our developer advocate to revert back to you here.


If you want to make your app to use the same look as Freshservice please use Crayons instead of Bootstrap -

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Dear Flow,
I have checked the documentation. but color themes not that similar to Freshserive.
e.g - button colors (ticket window top right corner button)
I’m not sure did i miss something to setup a color theme or something.

Hi @Nayana_Priyankara,

First of all, welcome to the Freshworks developer community!

Crayons button components have multiple classes, and you can choose primary or secondary colour schemes. They would match with the latest designs in the Freshworks products. If they don’t, most likely, they will be updated in either the product or the Crayons component.

Crayons components are introduced mainly to introduce a single Freshworks design system for the apps. So we recommend using Crayons to match the product theme.

If any particular button doesn’t match the theme, let us know with an image comparison and the relevant code used, and we can take a look to address them.