Bot Conditions - Else statement not working


I am new to bot building so I’m hoping someone can help.

I have built a flow with a custom input with the Regex (700000[0-9]|70000[1-9][0-9]|7000[1-9][0-9]{2}|700[1-9][0-9]{3}|70[1-9][0-9]{4}|7[1-9][0-9]{5}|[89][0-9]{6}).
I have added a condition whereby if valid the bot goes to the next dialogue (12.2) and uses the input as part of an URL, this works as expected.
However if the input is not valid, the bot is just asking for the input again repeating 12.1 instead of following the “else” part of the condition to go to 12.4.

Can anyone tell me where I’ve gone wrong or what I need to do?


Hi @Kerri_Cross , I’ve created a support ticket on your behalf.