Capture Freshsales event from external server

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Can we create Webhook dynamically for capturing the update event in Freshsales-Suite from external server?

Could you help us to capture the Freshsales event from external server?

Hi @Saif / @Raviraj

Could you please help us on this query?

Hi @Sateshsoundar_Namasi

I see to understand what you are trying to achieve. But would you help me understand the business use case behind it? That can help us conclude the most favorable use of the app platform or APIs for you.

Using the external events platform feature, there is a possibility to create webhooks at runtime.

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Hi @Saif

Thanks for the response.

The exact use case is, We need to capture the update event of Freshsales Suite from external server. Since it is a external app we need to create webhook using script. Is there any way to create webhook using code?

We need to register webhook from external app.

Freshsales app → External app: If the receiver of the webhooks in the external application, then you will need to send HTTP requests from the Freshsales app to the external application, on each event in the Freshsales app. In this case, you will need to handle any webhook setup process in the onAppInstall event. This also means the external application should expose some ingest endpoint to accept incoming webhook payload. In this case, data flows from Freshsales to external application.

External app → Freshsales app: If the receiver of the webhooks is the Freshsales app, then you will need to use onExternalEvent, as Saif has mentioned, to generate a URL and register it with the external application. The external application can then use that URL to send its payload to the Freshsales app. In this case, data flows from external app to Freshsales application.

Hi @kaustavdm

The external app I refer to is so we don’t have any app in Freshsales.

We are developing an app in the external server and want to capture the update events of Freshsales.

Usually, apps running within Freshsales have the flexibility to invoke a serverless runtime when events are captured. You can write JS that makes API requests to the external app. Rest, the external app can proceed the way it wants.

However, if you need to completely eliminate the use of the app platform (It would be helpful if you could add why? :slight_smile: ) , then you might have to rely on product features such as workflows.

Here’s an article I found
To configure webhooks -
To configure workflows -

The above will require you to register a webhook of your external app in the Freshsales Workflow configured. Now, if I understand this correctly, you want this webhook to be registered with Freshsales at runtime through some sort of Freshsales API. Is my understanding correct?


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