Celebrate Hacktoberfest 2020 with Freshworks!


Thank you for choosing programming as your career. This choice is what that has made 21st century as advanced as it is today. The joyful part of this has always been open-source community. Simply put, Hacktoberfest is celebration of open-source as it exists today. :partying_face:

Part of it – Freshworks developer community

On the quest to build a developer community that can power every customer and employee-centric teams out there, every developer of this community has done a great job! :man_superhero:

While you might want to join this celebration by creating Pull Requests and win limited edition T-shirts, consider contributing to repositories which this community has always relied upon.


  • Crayons is a UI Library. It offers components for developers to build any Frontend view that wants to adapt Freshworks Design system. Not sure, if you are working on Frontend components of an app part of any Freshworks’ product app development, you will find this interesting.
  • We are positively vulnerable. We might be missing a component, or there could be a bug in a component. Maybe one of them is not accessible enough or might be having unclear documentation. Raise an Issue or a PR. Rest community will weave in. We will make sure it does.

:link: Github open source repository


Sample apps

We’ve all been there, for any help – after docs, sample codes are the first place where we all refer to for whatever application we might be working on. So, why not spend some time contributing this Hacktoberfest? It can be an issue that you can raise or a Pull Request, we’d be active this entire month to help you as much as possible.

  • Try getting started or jump into Issues to see if you can find something and get familiar. I promise most of them would be fairly easy.
  • If you are a bit experienced, I am sure you will find tons of issues with the code. Raise them. Community will find a way to fix them.

:link: Github open source repository

Special Rewards

While making 4 PRs will get you T-shirts from Digital Ocean team, we are working out on it get developers special Freshworks edition schwag(rewards) for the top contributors on these repositories! :tada:

Join in and code along!

Thanks for Sticking along, How about listening my favourite Programmers Song?