Celebrating the Accomplishments of Freshworks Certified App Developers - August 2023 Update!

We’re thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the talented individuals who have successfully completed the first cohort of the Freshworks Developer Certification Program (Foundations).

Join us in welcoming them to the ever-growing community of Freshworks-certified app developers. We can’t wait to witness the remarkable contributions these experts will bring to the community.

Once again, congratulations to all the Certified App Developers!

Connect with the experts on the community platform:

A big thank you to each of you for investing your time and effort into mastering the art of app development within the Freshworks ecosystem.

Curious to learn more about the Freshworks Developer Certification Program (Foundations)?

We are excited to announce the second cohort of the Freshworks Developer Certification Program (Foundations). Here are a few benefits you can get by getting certified with Freshworks:

  • Skill up: Learn the necessary skills and get practical knowledge of building solutions for the Freshworks suite of products and learn the latest trends of the SaaS ecosystem

  • App monetization opportunity: Build reliable paid apps using the Freshworks development environment for 65k+ global customers and get a chance to earn recurring revenue.

  • Priority Support: As Freshworks certified developers, you would receive priority access to technical support and documentation from our team of experts.

  • Exclusive invitations: Receive exclusive invitations to Freshworks developer events, training sessions, meetups, and workshops. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the Freshworks platform.

  • Verifiable Credly digital badge: Receive an industry-standard credly certificate with a badge that can be authenticated digitally to verify your expertise with the Freshworks Developer Portal.

Enroll Now and earn the necessary skills and practical knowledge to build reliable solutions on the Freshworks Developer platform.


Congratulations @MGM ! :partying_face:

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Thank you for this wonderful program, quizzes are really well organized!
Congratulations to All :partying_face:

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