Channel API cant ablet to fetch and feed iparam.json

Hi, your support for feeding the channel and group list to installation parameter where I followed the documentation to set the channel list to installation parameter by following the steps below but failed to fetch

also find that i used dropdown to list the channels as shown in this picture

please your quick support here

Good day!
Seems like ChannelNames variable is defined inside a function and trying to access outside, which won’t work, you need to pass the channelNames values to resolve function and get it when promises resolved

and you need to wait for the promise to be resolved before setting the utils.set


var p = new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
client.request.get(url, options).then((data) => {
let channelNames = [];
const channels = data.channels;
for (let i=0; i< chanels.length; i++) {

p().then((channelNames) => {
utils.set('channel_list', {values: channelNames, label: 'channel list changes' });

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


@Santhosh i have problem in fetching the data itself and i followed your steps it still wont works any possible solution

Can you please share the error which you are getting while fetching the data?

please check the image from console as it shows not itratable

also got a log as p is not a function

let close this topic i got solution ,thanks for the support