Community Hours 24th March 2022: Using Request Method to make API calls in Freshworks Apps (Recording Available)

We invite you to join the second "Community Hours" session and bring you the opportunity to connect with the Freshworks developer community.

Topic: Using Request Method to Make API Calls in Freshworks Apps
Speakers: Meet the Freshworks platform expert @Raviraj



24th March 2022
5:30 pm IST (India)| 1:00 pm CET| 12:00 pm GMT (London)
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What will we cover?

In this session, we will go over making API calls with Request Method from the Freshworks apps, what does the platform offer for security, the limitations involved, and the options to overcome the limitation.

Making API requests are critical for the integration apps and to retrieving and modifying the data on Freshworks products. Security is an important aspect as these transactions happen over the internet and require authentication and authorization mechanisms to securely share the data.

What will you learn?

  • How to make API requests from Freshworks Apps
  • Why use the Request Method feature of the platform?
  • What are the additional features provided with the Request Method?
  • Limitations of Request Method feature and how to overcome them
  • Bonus: Using API SDK in the Serverless app

Why you should attend?

  • You should be able to implement integrations through API from Freshworks apps
  • You will learn the benefits and limitations of using the Request Method feature
  • Learn when not to use Request Method
  • Get to know API SDK and when is it useful


Q: Are there any plans to have visitor apps for fresh service as well in the future?
A: Thanks for asking. We have mainly received a lot of use-cases around Freshdesk, and that is where our focus lies today. We do realize opportunities lie elsewhere too. Would you be kind enough to record your use-case(s) for us in the community so we can appreciate the need better?

Q: Can we get this codebase for future reference?
A: We can do that. The code needs some cleanup. However, we do have some sample codes at GitHub - freshworks-developers/request-method-samples: Sample codes to demonstrate making API calls using Request Method

Q: Can these limits be increased?
A: Yes, please raise a request in the dev-assist portal. Steps to request for rate-limit extension.

Q: Can you disable company custom fields?
A: There’s no app placeholder available for the New Company page/dialog. Is this on the New company form or in some other place? We encourage the questioner to create a new topic in our forum with these details on our developer forum and we can get the answer to the question.

You can also have your question ready beforehand, as we have a live Q&A during the session, where our fantastic DevExperts will be answering all of your questions.

Can’t make it? The recording will be available in case you missed the live event.
Looking forward to seeing you at the next event! :tada:


Did you REGISTER for the session yet? We will be live on 24th, Thursday. Make sure to block your calendar so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with Freshworks developers.


Topic: Using Request Method to Make API Calls in Freshworks Apps
Date: March 24th, 2022
Session hosts: @satwik and @Raviraj
Time: 5:30 pm IST (India)| 1:00 pm CET| 12:00 pm GMT (London)
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Community Hours 24th March 2022: Session RECORDING is now available here:


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