Community Hours: Build within constraints: Ep. 2 – Data sync and handling timeouts



Topic: Build within constraints: Ep. 2 – Data sync and handling timeouts

A deep-dive hands-on session on how developers can design Freshworks apps to be performant and stay within the rate limit with a few handpicked use cases. We will design and build solutions for data synchronization needs and find solutions to avoid timeouts for slow or long-running API services


Hands-on demos on the following use cases with multiple solutions:

Use case 1: Synchronizing data with an external system: Using scheduled events to perform batch synchronization operations.

Use case 2: Working with APIs that take too long to respond: Using Request Method with an extended timeout, schedulers, and SMI as an alternative for an extended time for the API response.

The implementations will be based on Platform v2.3 (FDK 9).

Additionally, we will also discuss applicable Freshworks product REST API rate limits.


Raviraj Subramanian, Senior Developer at Freshworks (Follow Raviraj)


30th March 2023
5:30 pm IST (India)| 2:00 pm CET| 1:00 pm GMT (London)
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What’s in it for you!

Apps on the Freshworks Developer Platform have to work within the constraints of the rate limits and timeouts. In our discussions with the developer community, we have discovered some implementation strategies for recurring use cases that developers implement to reduce the rate of resource consumption of their apps.

This session is for you if you expect your apps to encounter rate limits in production and want to know how to redesign the implementation to breach rate limits less frequently. It is a deep dive hands-on session into a couple of use cases from the previous session. However, it’s not dependent on the previous session. But, recommended to watch the recording for broader discussion.

In case you missed our previous session on rate limits:
Build within constraints: Implementation strategies to handle rate-limits


You can also have your question ready beforehand, as we have a live Q&A during the session, where our fantastic DevExperts will answer your questions.

Can’t attend live? You should still register. We’ll share the recording after the session.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the next event!