Create Portal notifications

How can I display notifications on my portal home page? like this one

Hey @Nand_Kishore_Dwivedi,

These are notifications that Freshdesk will be posting, like

  • New ticket responses
  • New tickets
  • Reminders
    And more.
    This can be configured from the Settings option which is visible in the screenshot.

If you are looking for an app to send notifications, check out the interface method we support displaying different notifications - success, warning, info, danger, alert.

Thanks, I understand this is for fresdesk to share notifications, I wanted to use a similar feature to show notifications to users logged in to our support portal. Is that something I can achieve using this?

The interface method notifications are not persistent so it wouldn’t be possible to retrieve them on user login. Can you please give me more context and what the use-case is.

Thanks for your swift response here.

Trying to customize the customer portal and want to dedicate a section to show notifications/announcements. We can store them in solution articles however want to display some count/pop-up for users upon login, someting similar to the way freshdesk is doing for product updates as shared in previous email.

may be here under the profile dropdown we can add. All we are looking for to know if this can be achieved and some direction from where to start.

Hey @Nand_Kishore_Dwivedi,
To the best of my knowledge, customization like this may not be possible.

I’ve created a Support ticket on your behalf of you. Please do take the conversation ahead on Freshdesk Support.