Custom application not appearing in custom app gallery

Hello, I recently spoke with @Hem as we are experiencing issues related to an application listed in developer portal not appearing in the custom app gallery. I followed instructions to upload the application once again in a incognito window and it appears that the new listing appears in the app gallery. I can work with this new listing, but in the meantime I will keep the original application listing up so that you may investigate why this listing does not appear in custom apps gallery.

Hi Omar,
Thanks for logging the feedback. Currently, the avg. time for custom app updates to reflect in the gallery stand at 5-10 minutes. In the meantime, while we look into the previous app, Pl. do let us know if you notice any discrepancies in the update intervals of the new listing.

Quick update : We noticed that the app didn’t show up in the Freshservice custom app gallery because the product seems to have been inadvertently chosen as Freshdesk. However, as you mentioned, this might have been solved when you uploaded a new custom app with the right product selection. Regardless, we will consider this feedback to smoothen the developer experience on the App Management Portal :slight_smile: !