Custom Portal Translations

Hi Folks,

we would like to make a more or less major adjustment to the Freshdesk portal. It is necessary to create, use or change translations.

Mainly it is about the start page. So no ticket field or something like that. It is about normal texts in the layout, see screenshot.

Is there also a way to get a list of all existing translations?
I was not able and also the support could not help me if or where such a translation can take place

Maybe someone can help me :slight_smile:

can you please reach out to Freshdesk support portal for the same?

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As Santhosh said, we may have to depend on the Freshdesk support team to answer your query at this time @dpsys . Our forum does not have experts who can help with portal customization at the moment.

Yes, i asked for that @support, but sadly the support team answered me, there’s no solution for my problem

Do you know if its possible to get the “current” language in liquid? i could make a simple solution with “if” statements then

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