Customer portal Customization

I am doing some customization to my customer portal view and pages and I have come across this liquid tag that holds a snippet of a form to submit a ticket to my ticketing system. I would like to modify or clone this snippet since I need two categories of tickets therefore two customized forms. I have found no section or editing way to modify or duplicate this snippet. I did some research on this topic, and as far as I know, these liquid tags are rendered server-side. So I would need an API or something to manipulate them. You can let me know or educate me on this topic, please. See the image attached.

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Hey @Guille_Aramayo,

I see two options to manipulate ticket form in a way that it covers your needs.

First would be to make sections, where some ticket fields only appear depending on another ticket field.
This allows to make two different sets of ticket fields being brought up in reaction to a requester’s input.

Second option would be to use Multiple Forms where you can design the whole ticket form and ticket fields to be used in this forms.
WIth forms, you could even preload the one or the other by manipulating the URL (e.g. if you have a form for order-related requests, URL could look like

Hope this helps already. As I am not an expert, but a FD user aswell, there may be other valuable options for you - Would love to see an answer from them aswell.

I am not sure if the things I mentioned are customize-able with every plan, we run the highest, so we have both options.