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I am looking to understand the options for customizing the portals new ticket page. We really need to capture more information from our customers to help us streamline responding to issues based on products and teams. Currently it seems the ticket form on the portal uses a partial {{> ticket_new_form}}. I see some community post from years back requesting the ability to customize this form but I see no updates.

Is it possible to add additional fields?
If not, how can we raise this as a high priority feature request?


Hey David, welcome to the forum. From your post, my understanding is that “do we have a way to add additional fields to the existing ticket create page”? Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

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Sorry, I didn’t see a notification that someone responded.

Correct. I am trying to customize the “report an issue” form to allow our customers to input additional data so we know how to create and route the ticket properly. Right now I don’t see how you can edit the form since it is a partial.


Hey dwoodward,
This should be possible to add custom fields to ticket page. Please refer the link :

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This seems to make the field visible to all portals. I want to define a set of inputs that will be just be shown on our external customers portal.

We have our main portal that our internal employees use to access service catalog and new ticket form. We are fine with the basic out of the box ticket page.
We have our external customer portal. This new ticket page should ask more questions. We only want those questions for this portal.

Appreciate the help.

I figured this out. It can be done with business rules.

  1. Create the field on your ticket form.
  2. Create a business rule. Under conditions select “System.Portal” Name = your portal. Actions. Select show or hide for the field you want to show or hide on the ticket form. You can apply this to agents or requesters or both.
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