Development Environment for load testing


I probably already know the answer based on what I could find so far, but do you offer any development environment? I don’t mean an Enterprise sandbox but an actual license-free non-productive system that is purely for development/testing purpose?

If not, what is the recommended practice? At the moment, I can only think of either acquiring a license or registering for consecutive trials.

But besides that, is there any standard way to generate data for load testing / real case scenarios? I guess Selenium would do but that’s far from ideal.

Thanks again!

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Surprisingly, this is something we started talking about in some of our Internal Meetings.

A Development Environment that is Product Agnostic (which eliminates “Enterprise sandbox”). Where in this environment can support Testing and App development features.

However, We don’t currently have tools for load testing Freshworks Apps.

What might be interesting to you is to checkout our Beta Testing Framework for Serverless Apps - Write unit tests for your Serverless apps (Beta)

Do you mind sharing the use-case of yours on how a Developer Environment for load testing will help you? It will help us understand nuances of what developers might need and works towards it.


I realize this is marked as solved, but I was just curious about this exact topic. I wanted to ask if there were any plans to build and DEPLOY from a dev/test environment to a live environment? Our user base is very fickle and and prone to constant changes and requests so I want to implement best practices to keep our production environment clean while we test/validate in a different environment.



Beyond load testing, I think this is common practice for any major player to offer developers instances as opposed to asking developers to either pay or create numerous free trial accounts (definitely an hindrance to innovation):

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