Docusign Get Custom Field ID only returns 404

I know this might be a DocuSign issue but is anyone else doing DocuSign in a workflow?
I can send an envelope to reciepients corretly but when I try to update a custom field it is failing with 404.

When I try to use “Get Custom Field ID” it is only returning 404.

There are only two parameters, the envelop ID and the Field ID.

Let me know if you are doing DocuSign in your workflow please.

This has been mostly resolved.
There are two types of custom fields in DocuSign. There is the template custom field that resides in a template that shows a value in the DocuSign document when filled in ahead of time by software.
The second type of custom field is an envelope custom fields that has to do with the delivery of the DocuSign document.
The Freshservice DocuSign orchestrate app for workflow automation is an envelope custom field and there for does not work for my needs. I am going to need to make an API call directly or have the Freshservice app updated.

Still let me know if you are using DocuSign as we might be able to exchange some notes.