FDK doubts about the Knowledge Base

Hello everyone, everything good?

I have a client who practically needs a “goolge analytics” within freshdesk for part of the knowledge base.

I need to generate reports, articles most accessed by the analyst, articles most used in tickets…

but by the documentation I cant create applications within the knowledge base and there are no events on the button to insert an article in a ticket.

Can you see any way I can continue this development?

@Saif @Raviraj

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Hello @Marllon_Mainardes,

This has been a stumbling block for us too, there is little to no reporting available for Solution Articles. We have raised numerous feature requests for this module. Hoping to see something coming down the pipeline with the revamping of Freshworks Analytics.

Right now to solve a use case we had with pulling articles that were published in the last 30 days, I had to build a custom app and house in the ticket sidebar. The app uses the Freshservice API and loops through all the categories, folders, and articles to find created_at dates with in 30 days and then prints them out as a bulleted list in the ticket sidebar. But since I don’t want this to run all the time, I keep it local and just run it in the dev environment through FDK when I need it.

Not a great solution but it works for right now I guess lol.

Hope this gains some traction as we desperately need reporting on the knowledge base! :slight_smile:
Take care,

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thanks for the feedback Zack, from time to time we faced related issues too

Just to push this request up, we are also interested in this feature.


There’s an integration possible with Freshdesk’s native feature

can you try with the same?


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thanks for the feedback, but the customer expects this from the agent’s side when they put google analytics it was just to exemplify the use case. It doesn’t need google analytics, but similar functions to be able to know which tickets were resolved by knowledge base article, which articles most viewed by analysts, among other items…

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Totally Indeed. I do not want to sue Google Analytics but something integrated to empower the page rank and validating the most usefull Knowledge Articles.

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