Feature Request in Crayons UI

Hello, I’m so glad Freshworks Marketplace has decided to come up with its own UI kit. It will definitely help us build robust UI with minimal effort. However, there are some features that we wish the library had. Honestly, it is a bit of a blocker for us right now.

  1. Imperatively disable options in “fw-select-option” component. Right now the documentation doesn’t mention anything about a disabled property.
  2. Select an option imperatively. Right now it seems like the only way to select an option with JS is to declaratively set the value of the “fw-select”. It will be helpful if there was a way to do it imperatively on the “fw-select-option” element.
  3. Submitting a form with “fw-button”. Setting type=“submit” on an “fw-button” does not trigger the form submission event. We could listen for the “fwClick” event but what we really need is for the button to trigger a form submission to give a better user experience.

I’ll keep adding to this thread when I have more suggestions/concerns.

  1. Better autocompletion for multi-select input.

From source code: in line 164 of select.tsx, it would be better if you used includes instead of startsWith to achieve better autocompletion. Please implement a fuzzy search if possible. It really helps when trying to filter through 200 ticket fields.

  1. Input in multi-select to show what we’re typing. (Possibly a bug)

From source code: in line 256 of select.tsx

The value of input element is hardbound to an empty string. As a result, we cannot see what we’ve typed so far and it also lets us search only with one letter rendering the autocomplete obsolete. I don’t know if this was intended because the input doesn’t seem to have a state controlled by the fw-select component.

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hey @ashwins93

I hope you are doing well!

we have noted all the inputs and bugs pointed in the topic! we are working towards making the crayons open for public contribution by the end of this week! as soon as it’s done we’ll make sure to add your requests to the list of feature requests and bugs and work on it on basis of priority.

Since it is going to be an open-source library, you are more than welcome to contribute towards any new feature requests or bugs. you are contribution is much appreciated!


That sounds great. I’ll definitely contribute whenever possible.

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