Fetch actual requester in Freshservice

Hi Team,

Is there any way to get the actual requester in the data methods in FS?

Thank you.

Hey @Bene_Immanuel,
There is a data method for retrieving requester details - client.data.get("requester")

You can look into the docs for more details.

Greetings, @zach_jones_noel!

Thank you for pitching in, I get that…

But we can actually create a new ticket on behalf of someone, right?
so in that case I’m not getting the expected output.

normal case where the request method will provide the expected data

In this case, the data about the agent who created the ticket is returned

Is this expected flow?

Awaiting your response.

Thank you.

When you create a ticket on behalf of someone else, does the data method return the actual requestor who raised this or the requestor on behalf of whom it was raised?

I still have double check this scenario.

Hi @zach_jones_noel,

Sorry for the delay.

When a user “A” creates a new ticket for “B”, the data method returns user A.

But I would like to get the data of user B, is there any way to achieve this?

Thank you.