Freshchat and Whatsapp Business API Webhook

On my business, we are currently using freshchat services to communicate with our clients via whatsapp. We use the Outbound Messages API (Freshchat) to send proactive messages to our clients. We also use this API to get the status of the message, if it was delivered, read or failed.

Now we need to get responses to messages so we can automate some actions on our application.
Example: we send a proactive message asking our client if they want to receive updates about a specific product, with two buttons, one with ‘Yes’ and the other with ‘No’. If they hit the button, we want to be notified of this so we can execute this action on our end.

From what I searched, I could get this information with WhatsApp Business Webhooks (Webhooks - WhatsApp Business Platform - Dokumentation - Meta for Developers), but I’ve tested and it is not working. Is it possible to set up WhatsApp Business Webhooks even if I’m using freshchat api to send the messages?

There is other way to solve the problem that I am trying to solve?

Hey @mtayllan,

I’ve redirected this query to Freshchat support.