FreshDesk App initialisation failure in Contact Page

Could anyone assist with the app initialisation failure on page load? This happens quite often and unable to figure this out. And due to which certain actions on page load fails.

Please see the screenshot attached.

Hey @prasannab,

Can you let me know which platform version is this on and if the app is published as a custom app.

Hey @prasannab,

Can you confirm that the app is on platform 2.2 and is importing the JS client in all .html files?

<script src=""></script>

If it’s on platform 2.3, you would have to import the below Client in all .html files

<script src="{{{appclient}}}"></script>

Hey @zach_jones_noel

Thanks for the reply. We were able to connect with you internal team, who provided this solution to us. It is working as expected now

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