Freshdesk custom app security and deployment


We are using Freshdesk ticketing tool and we are trying to do some customizations.

Upon investigation we saw that it is possible to do such as indicated here.

Note: We are not used to javascript/node.js, so my apologies for any weird question.

  1. We need to communicate with an WEB API that only accepts requests with client certificate.
  • Is there any predicted way of doing this and then “sign” the request done via code?

  • Is there any special place where the certificate should be put inside the zip and how can we reach to it via code?

  • How can we effectively protect the password?

  • Any recommendations on how to create such request (can we use approaches similar to node.js [1,2])?

  1. We would like to automate the deployment process.
  • Is there any documentation on how to achieve this?
  1. We need to save some credentials and we have used the “iparam secure” like mentioned here but when we go to the custom app configuration page, we can see all the credentials in plain text. Is there a way to hide this? (this can also answer the question 1.c)

Best regards,
Paulo Mendonça