Freshdesk features needs improvement

I cannot select all companies or contacts and to bulk action anything else but delete those.
I can use only 4 filters for contacts which is not enough. The only filter that is there available for companies is Created nothinG else this also needs improving.
I cannot bulk email contacts the only option really that is there is to select all contacts or companies and to delete nothing else.
Also there is not flexibility in terms of what fields are visible or not on the contacts/contacts main segment view.

Thanks for sharing your feedback here, @alecsandra_alecsa .

However, this forum has a developer community that uses Freshworks APIs and platforms to build apps or integrations. I invite you to make the same post in the Freshworks user community that discusses the product itself here:

hi saif thanks i added 3 topics where u suggested on the but i did not receive any answer yet

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