Freshdesk sdk, how to close a note in a ticket?


I’m developing an app with the freshdesk sdk.
In this app, when we click on a button (in the plugin i’m creating), a private note is automatically added.
And there is my problem :
I’m calling this event :
client.interface.trigger(“click”, {id: “note”, text: “”, Private: true}) {}
But this event is only opening a note, and won’t close it, we have to do this manually. I have no idea how to close the note automatically, and as i know, there isnt any exemple or infos on it on the developper page.

Can you help me on this ?
Thank you

Good day!

client.interface.trigger(“click”, {id: “note”, text: “”, Private: true}) {}

the above code will open the editor and attach the text only, it won’t post.

if you want to add the private note automatically, we can do it via api,
kindly go through this doc for more reference.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


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