Freshservice Portal LHS menu customization

Hey Guys,

My first post! thanks for all the support on this site - its really helping me get up to speed. I hope to be able to contribute soon.

Note - this customer is on the new “No-Code” portal functionality.

We have implemented a customization for a client where instead of just having the Service Catalog as a single item, we split the links to it into HW/SW as 1 section and requests for services as the other from the requester portal.
Most of it has gone very well, but the left hand side popup navigation menu is proving more difficult. the 2 main issues we face are the following:

  1. how do we replace the icons used on the menu with custom ones. i see it uses a CSS to retrieve the icon from /assets/portal_v2/glyphs-portal, but i have not been able to successfully replace them with the customers own without breaking something.

  2. When using the LHS nav menu the system automatically highlights the menu you are on in bright blue. however, if you have 2 items on that list both linked to the service catalog (although different categories) it highlights both. it appears that it only uses the URL not the full href location to determine which to highlight. it appears that there is a class called “active” which is applied. i cannot find any reference to the code which carries this out, or where to edit it. before i go off and make some workarounds, is it possible to change this behavior anywhere?

  3. a small niggle. on the main portal home page. the magnifying glass of the main search stays on top of the LHS nav menu. its only obvious if you are using a smaller screen, but can be reproduced by using a smaller window or zooming.
    thanks in advance - Jonny
    EDIT - added a quick video demo of my issues too

Hey Jonathan,

As a temporary fix, you should be able to add the following in the Stylesheet to fix this:

#search-form .ficon-search {
z-index: 0;