FreshWork-CRM Workflow - Webhook - Content Type = 'Advance'

Hi all,

We are exploring on FreshWork-CRM Workflow Webhoo trigger. We would like to understand what are the Content type = ‘Advance’ option for? Would anyone kindly provide guide on how to use the ‘Advance’ Content type? Any examples would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

“Simple” lets you choose which fields you want to add in the webhook request body (aka payload).

“Advanced” lets you write your own payload data structure, using template variables (placeholders). You can see available variables by clicking “Insert placeholder” on the top right of the text box.

I couldn’t find any references on whether “Content type” in this screen refers to the HTTP Content-Type header. My guess is it isn’t since the Content-Type header in the webhook request is anyway set to application/json. (Update: the “Encoding” field on this screen sets the request Content-Type header. The “Content type” field by contrast affects the request body. :woman_facepalming: )

I guess Advanced is useful if your webhook receiver endpoint (callback URL) needs a specific object structure. But the UI is confusing.

You can also click the “Test your URL with current settings” to trigger a request to the “Callback URL”. See screenshot below:

Hi Kaustav,

Thanks for your response.

Do we have any actual “Callback URL” (working ones) that we can test it with Webhook?